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Albert St Mammes Osel

Imagine ...    complete 
freedom from fear and an end
to anxiety. Through deep acceptance
and the power of pure awareness
and universal love, you too can
gain the bliss that is your
birthright and live
in fundamental
and joy.
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Albert Osel attended his first Zen retreat at the age of 15, studied comparative religion at the University of Cape Town, and spent time as a novice monk at Nan Hua Temple at the age of 21. During his early 30s, a period of illness resulting in chronic anxiety called him back to the cushion to find healing through meditation and yogic practices. After recovering, he continued to seek out the best methods for calming the nervous system and cultivating the highest potentials of wellbeing.


He took Buddhist refuge with Tai Situ Rinpoche at Palpung Sherab Ling in India, received empowerments in chöd from H.H. the 17th Karmapa, Yuthok Nyingtig from Dr Nida Chenagtsang, and Medicine Buddha from the late Akong Rinpoche. He has received pointing-out instruction from Lama Lena, has attended retreats with Robert Thurman, Rob Nairn and Bhante Vimalaramsi, among others, and is an alumnus of Dr Jeffery Martin's Finders Course.

Since 2010 he has run retreats and workshops to help others discover their inherent capacity for bliss, clarity

and deep peace.

Of course, all of the above is just a narrative of the ego personality. In reality, there is just what's happening in the present moment; a clear, luminous emptiness that is the space for the extraordinary ordinary.

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“Albert’s work is grounded in an impressive amount of research. In a caring and gentle way he offers useful, easy practices that help transform debilitating stress. Highly recommended!”   – Dr Gudrun Oberprieler

Angel of Fear was an insightful joy to read! Personally the only people I respect on the subject of anxiety are those who have navigated this journey themselves and have come out the other side. This book helped me to see my anxiety as not something to fear or resist, but as a gift and a call to transformation. A must-read for anyone experiencing anxiety, fear or stress.”  

– Melissa, recovered anxiety sufferer

“Whether you are a practitioner in any of the helping or healing fields, or simply the average person who encounters stress and anxiety, Albert’s workshops are highly recommended. He is a compassionate teacher and provides up-to-date information on all the vital aspects of the stress-response: the neurological underpinnings, the biofeedback loops, supportive diet and supplements – and a number of practical, highly effective tools. His workshop is a true gift.”   – Max, clinical psychologist

“I have read a lot of books in the self-development genre and can safely say that Angel of Fear is one of the most effective. It not only deepened my understanding and insight but also, most importantly, inspired me to take action, immediately, which has significantly impacted my daily life. I highly recommend Angel of Fear for anyone who suffers from anxiety or who is seeking to live a less reactive and more satisfying life. This book provides a combination of practical, easy-to-follow advice with the kind of lucid, clearly expressed wisdom found in books like Pema Chödron’s or Eckhard Tolle’s. It is beautifully written and full of useful ideas. I especially hope that anyone who thinks anxiety is a life sentence will find this book. As the author proves, you can change. Even a lifetime of anxiety can be overcome.”   

– (Apparently satisfied) Amazon customer

“Thank you for the very professional and informative workshops. I really enjoyed them and wish I could be in that 'space' all the time! I have finished reading your book and just wanted to tell you that I am amazed and humbled to know what a brilliant mind you have. I knew at the workshop that you had a special presence. Your book helped me to get through on many occasions."     – Andrea

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