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Track 1:  Relax – On Beach Time

The first track brings familiarity with the body’s relaxation response. It helps tone the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system through progressive muscle relaxation (PMR). Developed in the 1920s by Edmund Jacobsen, PMR would later revolutionize the field of behavioural psychology when Dr Joseph Wolpe used it to help war veterans overcome PTSD. I have added a powerful visualization to boost the healing effect.

Track 2:  Restore – Conscious Cat Nap

Based on the practice of yoga nidra, this exercise is designed to take you to

the border between wakefulness and sleep, called the hypnagogic state.

This quickly alters your brain waves from busy beta to tranquil alpha, and even into  the calm of theta. This profoundly restorative exercise also helps to settle some of your “sleep debt” and is like a reboot for your brain.

Track 3:  Release – Temple Hill

Visualization brings balance, from the dominance of the logical left brain to the fluid flow of the creative right brain. It also quickly shifts your brain waves toward calmer alpha and theta waves. From here you are guided into attentive stillness through a “letting go” meditation. The name of the track is inspired by the picture above, of me standing on Temple Hill at the Tara Rokpa retreat centre in South Africa.

Track 4:  Return – Sacre Coeur

We find ourselves in Paris, overlooking the city from the vantage of the famous Sacre-Coeur cathedral. This is a reference to the poem See Paris First by Marsha Truman Cooper in the introduction to my book, Angel of Fear. The antidote to stress and fear is loving-kindness and compassion. Sacre Coeur means Sacred Heart, and your are invited to return to your heart through a compassion-based meditation. My thanks to Komiku for some of the background music, as well as NASA for the clips from Discovery and Apollo 8. As the visualization moves out into space you can hear my mix of some of the recordings from the famous Golden Records on the Voyager spacecrafts, as representative of all the peoples of Earth.

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